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Delta Skies

H and Spike in the studio


Delta Skies is an alternative electronica band from the fringes of Brighton and Croydon.

With influences from trip hop, rave and punk comes the Delta Skies sound of Spike’s dark, brooding and dystopian beats with Hel’s melancholic, ethereal and sometimes otherworldly vocals.

Spike’s discovery of early hip hop and electro influences truly kick started a love of music. Then detroit techno and house eventually merging into the early UK rave scene sparked inspiration to try mixing/DJing and writing music for the first time.

Spike’s first release was Wave Mechanics – Overflow/The Teacher (1991 – Jazzy M) on Oh’Zone Records, followed by a further release on the infamous Kickin’ Records, Third Mind – Beans & Barley (1992 – Pete Harris RIP).

Hel was raised on music, honing her haunting songwriting and pyschedelic blues vocal style. With inspiration including Blondie, The Doors and Portishead, Hel has given electrifying live performances at legendary venues such as Fortress Studios and Concorde 2.

Spike found Hel at the start of the ‘lost noughties decade’ after Hel’s first release, Fetishismo by Juttajaw on techno label, Big Clever Records (2002).

The discovery of a kindred spirit somewhere in the depths of South London would spell the first musings of Delta Skies and the duo have been writing together ever since.

2022 delivered the anticipated first release of Guilty, with the second release, The Edge out on 21st October.