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Delta Skies

H and Spike in the studio


Delta Skies is a dark electronic dreampunk band from the fringes of Brighton and London in the UK.

Described as “Portishead meets Depeche Mode in a late night bar from a cyberpunk future”, Delta Skies dub their sound Cyberdelica.

With haunting vocals, dark futuristic beats and cyberdelic atmospherics, the result is an otherworldly ride exploring existential themes of loss, guilt, euphoria and bliss.

Hel brings her 60s gothic psychedelic rock influences of The Doors, The Stooges & The Velvet Underground. Whilst Spike’s love for underground artists of early hip hop, Detroit techno and the early UK rave scene sparked his inspiration to first pick up a synth.

The discovery of a kindred spirit somewhere in the depths of South London at the start of the ‘lost noughties decade’ would spell the first musings of Delta Skies and the duo have been writing together ever since.

After the release of Guilty in 2022 being showcased on Spotify playlists such as Goth Party – Dark Wave and Coldwave / Alternative / Post Punk, 2023 has seen Phoenix Rising featured on the R+ blog and aired on Shellshocked Radio.